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Search Engines, etc.

Use the form below to search Google, one of the best Internet Search Engines available. If the information you're looking for is on the internet, chances are Google will find the location

When searching for the complete text of the poem, you will have the best results if you can remember a phrase or word from the poem that is unlikely to be in another text; "I have measured out my life in coffee spoons" is a better piece of text to search with than, "Let us go then, you and I." Add the word "poem" to your search to eliminate results that aren't poems.


Listed below are more search engines, including some sites dedicated to poetry where you can search by time period, author, or theme.

Internet: Search Engines

Want to know who wrote a poem and only know the first line? Try one of these search engines. You'd be surprised at what's on the Internet. If you don't find what you want on one site, try another. Different sites come up with different results for the same query.

The easiest way to search my site is to load the page of the appropriate category and use the search function of your browser. (Ctrl-F on most PC Internet browsers.)

  •, a continuing review of websites compiled by guides, who also post articles relevant to their field. Their poetry page is here.
  • Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, and excellent place to serach for that poem from which you only know one line. Hosted by
  •, an excellent site containing links to over 300 literary publications.
  • CMU English Server has searchable text of over 20,000 literary works.
  • FindPoetry, a very comprehensive searchable index of poetry sites.
  • Google, an automated search engine that uses a different algorithm than others. Recommended.
  • HTI American Verse Project, an ambitious collaborative project between the University of Michigan and UM Press to archive all American Poetry published before 1920. Recommended.
  •, small list of hand-picked poetry sites.
  • Pilot-Search a literary index. Like Yahoo!, sites are divided into categories.
  •, an excellent search engine for poems and poets.
  • Yahoo!, one of the first search engines. Extensive categories, so you can browse if you're not sure what you're looking for.


  •, "the Earth's biggest bookstore"
  • Barnes and Noble, the on-line mega-presence of their world-wide chain of bookstores.
  • Moe's Books, the web site of the Berkeley bookstore, they offer out-of-print and antiquarian selections.
  •, allows you to search several databases for out of print and used books.
  • Used Books Search, 45 million used books worldwide to search, browse and buy online.
  • Writers' Digest publishers of reference books for writers, including annual war horses like Poets' Market and Writers' Market

Internet: Free Web Pages

Want to put your own poems on the web? Are you unhappy that no one seems to have a site for your favorite poet? These sites will host your web site for free.

Most of the sites listed here are commercial sites and their listing here does not constitute an endorsement by me. These companies that offer products or services that poets may find useful.

Softwares, other services

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