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Poetry Forums

The sites below are interested in catering to those who are looking for a place to post and discuss their work. Like the pages in Collections, you can also read work here, but the emphasis in these sites is more on giving people a place to post their work rather than read others'. Many pages appear in both categories.

You should use caution with any internet poetry contest, especially "free" ones that emphasize their prize money. You can read more about literary scams on the internet at Wind Publications and at I have not posted any links to sites that look suspicious or have a bad reputation, but I cannot make any guarantees. Use caution and good judgement where any claims are made about making money through poetry

  • 11 September 2001, the Response of Poetry, a comprehensive collection of links to poems, essays and commentary.
  •'s Poetry Forum looks quite extensive.
  • The Albany Poetry Workshop, est 1995 as the internet's first free on-line poetry workshop.
  • All-Info About Poetry, a weekly on-line newsletter of poetry run by Paula Bardell.
  • *rave!*The Alsop Review a webzine that publishes some fine work by new and established writers. They also run a moderated message board called The Gazebo where you can post your work. Highly recommended.
  • Amateur Poetry Journal a monthly webzine for beginning poets.
  • American Poetry Society, a site where you can post your work and comment on other's.
  • The Centerfold Interactive Open Mike Poetry Website is the online counterpart of the reading and performance space on the Upper West Side of NYC.
  • Coffeshoppoetics is a small poetry site with chat, message boards, and posting/viewing of poems from various people
  • The Critical Poet, a site featuring different poets and different poetic movements every month. They also accept submissions from visitors and have numerous contests judged by voting.
  • Cyberpoet's Niche, a Yahoo Club dedicated to the enjoyment of poetry
  • Def Poetry Jam, a commercial site promoting poetry contests, spoken word. Phat.
  • Emiverse, an open forum for posting and discussing poems.
  • e-poets, a site where visitors can discuss their work and read work by the webmaster, Emma.
  •, a wonderful site geared towards beginning poets. It presents the work of major (and a few minor) figures in English language poetry and also has a forum where visitors can share their work. Recommended.
  • Fool on the Hill. Scott Goebel posts some of his own poems here, publishes the work of others, and also maintains a forum. A very well-organized and useful site.
  • In the Heydays of His Eyes.An Anthology of Poems about Being Young and Growing Up, anthology, with instructional suggestions, is designed for high school teachers and students and is to be downloaded without restriction or cost.
  • Inkscribblers; Unite, a free forum where visitors can share and comment on poetry
  •, a collection of web logs and information about the Austin entertainment scene.
  • Kookamonga Square, open poetry and art site. Presented by Dale Edmands.
  •, a free to read, pay to post forum for poetry
  • Lyrical Grip, an on-line community accepting submissions of poetry, photography and music.
  • Man in the Moon, focusing on poems written by children.
  • The Melic Review Forums are quite active.
  • Moontown Cafe, blog featuring a radio show, poetry discussion area and poetry contests.
  •, an online poetry workshop and community. Neopoet hosts a monthly newsletter, an active forum, and holds frequent contests.
  • Pagan Poet, a discussion form for pagan poets.
  • Painted Perfectly, a site inviting submissions from readers. Has a featured poet of the month, discounts on books, and more.
  • Pathetic Poetry Society an on-line poetry collective. They have over 200 poets each posting many, many poems. They accept new members based on submission of a sample of writing. I like to think they derive their name frombathos, and not the penchant we poets have for poor hygiene and low incomes.
  • Performance Poetry - an interesting collection of links, articles and discussions on performance poetry curated by Billy Marshall Stoneking.
  • Pictures and Stories, the Gutenberg Litegraphic Society
  • Poets' Haven, a site where poets can post and discuss their work.
  • Poetic Endeavours: A Haven for Troubled Writers has a chat area, contests, and links to poetry and mental health sites.
  • PoeticMic, a free poetry communicty.
  • a place to post poetry, receive feedback, listen to and submit audio recordings for PoetPlanet Internet Radio.
  • Poetropolis, live poets society, since 1999. Free poem critique and discussion forums, contests exposé, poetry writing tips, links directory. URL:
  • The Poetry Circle, a site where visitors can post and discuss poetry. In English and Spanish.
  • The Poetry Exchange has thousands of poems available and accepts submissions.
  • The Poetry Files accepts submissions from guests and has an interactive message board.
  • Poetry for Freaks! a place to post and read, divided by topic, including, yes, the freaky.
  • The Poetry Societycommissions poems, sponsors contests and events.
  • Poetry Today Online, has a collection of links and a poetry forum.
  • Poets Online, an ongoing poetry workshop and discussion group run by Ken Ronkowitz.
  •, a companion site to New York Quarterly, provides teaching materials, other resources for those teaching poetry
  • psy.joniz has a very active discussion group.
  •, a very active forum for poetry and prose.
  • Resources for Poets, a compendium of inexpensive resources for Poets hoping to sharpen their skills.
  • Reverie, a message board where participants may post their work, or start discussions on any topic related to poetry.
  •, Real Insight through Raw Opinion, an on-line community offering forums of diverse topics, including poetry.
  • Shadow Poetry an on-line community of poets.
  • Spiral Bridge Writers Guild, a group of writers based in New Jersey supporting poetry through readings and communicty outreach.
  • Spyder's Poetry Empire features writer's discussion groups useful for beginning poets.
  • Starlite Cafe's Poetry Corner invites poets to submit and share favorite poems. Organized by topic.
  • Taverner's Koans, "a one-room schoolhouse of experimental poetics." Gallery of underrated poets, discussion groups, and poetry workshop. Recommended.
  • TheCriticalPoet, an interactive poetry site featuring a busy poetry forum, and many resources for poets.
  • ThePoet's Corner, a monthly e-zine of poetry. Also a place where visitors can post their own work.
  • trAce Online Writing Center, part of Nottingham Trent University (UK), a site offering forums and online courses with a more academic bent.
  • An Understatement of Poetry, a portal which provides information about poetry, as well as the space to go beyond the poems of the selected poets. They accept submissions.
  • Unknown Poets, a site where visitors can post their work or mail it to their friends.
  • Unlikely Stories contains the works of a variety of contemporary poets and fictionalists. Maintained by Jonathan Penton
  • The Versifier Online Poetry and Art Forum, an online community to post your poems, photography, experimental writing, short stories, paintings, prose and graphics for honest feedback
  • The Virtual Colony presents various artists and poets. Although the number of writers is rather small compared to sites along oriented along similar lines, the work is quite interesting.
  • Watermusic, an interactive poetry journal that includes a discussion mailing list and workshop. Recommended.
  • Webstatic an online collection organized by Big themes: Love, Life, Truth, and Passion.
  • The WELL Poetry Conference, one of the discussion boards that grew out the WELL, one of the oldest on-line discussion groups.
  • Wild Poetry Forum an organization dedicated to promoting poetry and encouraging young writers and students over the age of 13.
  • Writer's Block, a discussion group part of Web del Sol.
  • Writer's Way, a non-profit group that hosts workshops including ones aimed at community outreach. Based in Washington, D.C.
  • WrittenMind, an on-line forum where poets can submit their work for review.
  • Young Chicago Authors, runs poetry workshops in Chicago for youth ages 13-19. Resources for teachers, information about upcoming events.
  • Your Poetry Dot Com, a place where visitors can post their work and read the work of their fellow surfers.
  • Zeugma: An Online Workshop for Poets, accepts new members by an admission process.
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