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pmpoetry: Patrick Martin's Poetry Resource

Welcome. This site is offered as a public service to poets and lovers of poetry. I have an extensive collection of poetry links that are continually updated. My goal is to help make the internet a more useful place for poets and lovers of poetry. Here you will find links to poets working all over the world and in all ranges of craft and styles.

  • Poets

    An index of several hundred sites where poets post their own poems, thoughts on poetry, etc.

  • Collections

    Sites that feature the work of many poets, i.e. web-based literary magazines, on-line e-text repositories, etc.

  • Poetry around the World

    Links to poetry sites that concentrate on work in a particular region. If your continent is missing, my apologies. If you know of a good site indexing a region that I have not covered, please drop me an email.

  • Forums

    Want to find somewhere to post your poem and get feedback? These sites invite participation.

  • Organizations

    Links to Organizations useful to poets and writers: sites that promote poetry, such as the Academy of American Poets, grant-making organizations, etc.

  • Publishers of Poetry

    Links to the on-line presence of journal and book publishers.

  • Search Engines, Miscellaneous

    Can't quite remember that old poem you heard as a child? In this category, you'll find sites that can help you find material on the internet. Also useful commercial sites ones that don't fit into any other category.

  • Feedback/Suggest a Site

    Use this page to suggest a site, or just let me know what you think. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and their answers appear here. I've recently redesigned this site, and I'm interested in hearing if you think it's improved.

  • My Poems

    My work has appeared in many journals, including Boulevard and The Paris Review.  I've posted RealAudio readings with the text.

This page has been on-line since 1996. Comments and questions are appreciated. You can email me at

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